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Version: 0.9


  • (rancherio-gh-m) released this 2023-11-07 12:30:45 +0000 UTC*



Fleet 0.9 contains major changes to Gitjob. The existing git handling code has been unified and now uses the go-git library. The tekton CLI, which was used for cloning, has been removed. The release improves the performance on downstream clusters, by using a caching client with the helm SDK.

Known Issues

  • Gitjob might report "git binary not found" if the path within the repository does not exist. rancher/rancher#43499


  • Add helm version to capabilities by @manno in #1743
  • Add support for spec field identifying KUBECONFIG namespace for imported clusters by @aiyengar2 in #1786
  • Allow configuring EnableDNS property in Helm through fleet.yaml by @aruiz14 in #1755
  • Allow skipping Helm's schema validation through fleet.yaml by @aruiz14 in #1769
  • Document public API by @manno in #1639
  • Add descriptions to CRDs by @aruiz14 in #1798
  • Helm Storage Backend With Caching by @raulcabello in #1809
  • Include nonResourceURLs Fleet-Agent's RBAC by @manno in #1806


  • Add SecurityContext to job container by @raulcabello in #1878
  • Incorrect agent's DebugLevel when settings propagation is set by @aruiz14 in #1776
  • Initialise cluster registration labels map if empty by @weyfonk in #1832
  • Pin version of by @aruiz14 in #1754

What's Changed

  • Add dev scripts to simplify using E2E tests by @p-se in #1764
  • Add integration test to verify fleet.yaml helm options for non-helm type bundles by @thardeck in #1775
  • CI: Retry on context deadline exceeded by @p-se in #1788
  • Document APIServerURL in the config by @manno in #1795
  • E2E: Fix flaky single cluster tests by @p-se in #1784
  • E2E: Increase testenv reliability by @p-se in #1704
  • Fix nightly image build workflow YAML by @manno in #1758
  • Fix when yq is not installed by @raulcabello in #1810
  • Fixes for running multi cluster E2E tests locally by @p-se in #1762
  • Fix CA variable usage in dev/setup-fleet by @manno in #1766
  • Improve release scripts by @thardeck in #1761
  • Increase speed of clusterregistration clean up hook by @manno in #1712
  • Remove previous version selection in release against rancher script by @thardeck in #1773
  • Remove Tekton references from release docs by @weyfonk in #1833
  • Remove tekton by @raulcabello in #1782
  • Retry k3d image import in workflows by @manno in #1793
  • Simplify Golang version management by @olblak in #1714
  • Switch k3d import to default mode to detect error in e2e setup by @manno in #1797
  • Testenv infra uses local fleet module by @manno in #1756
  • Update with instructions on how to use nektos/act by @p-se in #1765
  • Upgrade k3d k8s versions in CI by @manno in #1780
  • Use constants for agent cluster role names by @manno in #1814
  • Go K8s related security bumps by @thardeck in #1709
  • Bump Golang to 1.21.0 by @rancherbot in #1716
  • Bump all modules by @manno in #1745
  • Bump bci/bci-base from to in /package by @dependabot in #1805
  • Bump from 5.6.0+incompatible to 5.7.0+incompatible by @dependabot in #1802

Full Changelog: v0.8.0...v0.9.0


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