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Version: 0.7

fleet test

Match a bundle to a target and render the output

fleet test [flags]


  -b, --bundle-file string    Location of the raw Bundle resource yaml
--debug Turn on debug logging
--debug-level int If debugging is enabled, set klog -v=X
-f, --file string Location of the fleet.yaml
-g, --group string Cluster group to match against
-L, --group-label strings Cluster group labels to match against
-h, --help help for test
-l, --label strings Cluster labels to match against
-N, --name string Cluster name to match against
-q, --quiet Just print the match and don't print the resources
-t, --target string Explicit target to match

Options inherited from parent commands

      --context string            kubeconfig context for authentication
-k, --kubeconfig string kubeconfig for authentication
-n, --namespace string namespace (default "fleet-local")
--system-namespace string System namespace of the controller (default "cattle-fleet-system")