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A reference list of, mostly internal, configuration options.

Helm Charts

The Helm charts accept, at least, the options as shown with their default in values.yaml:

Environment Variables

The controllers can be started with these environment variables:

  • CATTLE_DEV_MODE - used to debug wrangler, not usable
  • FLEET_CLUSTER_ENQUEUE_DELAY - tune how often non-ready clusters are checked
  • FLEET_CPU_PPROF_PERIOD - used to turn on performance profiling


In cluster configuration for the agent and fleet manager. Changing these can lead to full re-deployments.

The config struct is used in both config maps:

  • cattle-fleet-system/fleet-agent
  • cattle-fleet-system/fleet-controller


Labels used by fleet:

  • - NodeSelector label for agent's deployment affinity setting
  • - managed agent bundle won't target Clusters with this label
  • - used on Bundle to reference the git repo resource
  • - used on BundleDeployment to reference the Bundle resource
  • - used on BundleDeployment to reference the Bundle resource
  • - cluster namespaces with this label will be cleaned up. Other resources will be cleaned up if it is in a label. Used in Rancher to identify fleet namespaces.
  • - unused


Annotations used by fleet:

  •, - if present on a Cluster, the namespace won't be cleaned up
  •, - used on a cluster namespace to reference the cluster registration namespace
  • - appears unused