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Version: 0.8


  • (rancherio-gh-m) released this 2023-09-11 15:05:53 +0000 UTC*


Notes on 0.8.0


  • Allow helm credentials to be defined for each path by @raulcabello in #1557
  • Add cluster name and namespace to BundleDeployment by @manno in #1571
  • Add DoNotDeploy and OverrideTargets by @raulcabello in #1580
  • Drift correction by @raulcabello in #1594
  • Add helm release resources to bd status by @manno in #1596
  • Add NamespaceLabels and NamespaceAnnotations by @raulcabello in #1627
  • Support exclusion of files and directories from bundles via .fleetignore by @weyfonk in #1634
  • Add hook on upgrade to clean up old, duplicate clusterregistrations by @manno in #1689
    • Cleanup command takes string durations as arguments by @manno in #1697
  • Clean up old clusterregistrations and remember cluster's api server by @manno in #1658
    • Clusteregistration less aggressive cleanup by @manno in #1675
    • Return early from clusterregistration handler by @manno in #1676
  • Restrict registration to leader agent by @manno in #1687
  • Do not restart agents when adopting them with a bundle by @manno in #1678


  • Agent registration recovery by @manno in #1567
  • Use correct string comparison in gitjob update script by @thardeck in #1610
  • Reduce Helm history to two entries by default by @moio in #1607
  • Fix Helm release name generation to prevent double dashes by @weyfonk in #1647
  • Prevent non-hex chars in release name hash by @weyfonk in #1649
  • Enforce strict match on cluster name when fetching bundledeployments by cluster by @weyfonk in #1662

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.7.1...v0.8.0


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