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fleet apply

Create bundles from directories, and output them or apply them on a cluster

fleet apply [flags] BUNDLE_NAME PATH...


  -b, --bundle-file string                     Location of the raw Bundle resource yaml
--cacerts-file string Path of custom cacerts for helm repo
--commit string Commit to assign to the bundle
-c, --compress Force all resources to be compress
--context string kubeconfig context for authentication
--correct-drift Rollback any change made from outside of Fleet
--correct-drift-force Use --force when correcting drift. Resources can be deleted and recreated
--correct-drift-keep-fail-history Keep helm history for failed rollbacks
--debug Turn on debug logging
--debug-level int If debugging is enabled, set klog -v=X
-f, --file string Location of the fleet.yaml
--helm-credentials-by-path-file string Path of file containing helm credentials for paths
--helm-repo-url-regex string Helm credentials will be used if the helm repo matches this regex. Credentials will always be used if this is empty or not provided
-h, --help help for apply
--keep-resources Keep resources created after the GitRepo or Bundle is deleted
-k, --kubeconfig string kubeconfig for authentication
-l, --label strings Labels to apply to created bundles
-n, --namespace string namespace (default "fleet-local")
-o, --output string Output contents to file or - for stdout
--password-file string Path of file containing basic auth password for helm repo
--paused Create bundles in a paused state
-a, --service-account string Service account to assign to bundle created
--ssh-privatekey-file string Path of ssh-private-key for helm repo
--sync-generation int Generation number used to force sync the deployment
--target-namespace string Ensure this bundle goes to this target namespace
--targets-file string Addition source of targets and restrictions to be append
--username string Basic auth username for helm repo