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Version: 0.7


  • (rancherio-gh-m) released this 2023-06-12 13:24:29 +0000 UTC*



The packaged helm chart fleet-0.7.0.tgz was reuploaded to fix the Gitjob version constraint following #1593


  • Add agent config for tolerations, affinity, resources on cluster by @manno in #1433
  • Add JSON schema validation for agent customization in cluster CRD by @raulcabello in #1490
  • Configure tolerations for fleet-agent from cluster CR by @rajiteh in #1154
  • Agent registration recovery by @rancherbot in #1579
  • Clean up orphaned request service accounts, remove unused managed annotations by @thardeck in #1310
  • Add flag to disable local cluster bootstrap by @manno in #1207
  • Fix agent not starting in old fleet-system namespace by @raulcabello in #1316
  • Configure FLEET_CLUSTER_ENQUEUE_DELAY in helm chart by @johnjcool in #1404
  • Do not always create a Bundle for the root path by @raulcabello in #1309
  • Always get labels from Bundle when creating a BundleDeployment by @raulcabello in #1428
  • Add helm capabilities to agent's deployer by @manno in #1287
  • Add waitForJobs as a helm option by @raulcabello in #1330
  • Allow resources to be kept when deleting a GitRepo or a Bundle by @raulcabello in #1382
  • Improve behavior on failed deployments by @moio in #1485
  • Add ignore conditions for the status of deployed custom resources by @raulcabello in #1482


  • Ensure fleet-agent's helm release name has valid length by @manno in #1353
  • Ensure ClusterRegistrationToken name is below 63 characters by @manno in #1360
  • AllowedRepoPatterns in GitRepoRestriction is matched against Repo by @johnjcool in #1379
  • Properly set keepResources if releaseName is empty by @raulcabello in #1394
  • Retry helm upgrade if it was interrupted by @raulcabello in #1424
  • Fix BundleNamespaceMapping ignoring bundle selector by @manno in #1425
  • Don't ignore config map reference in valuesFrom list element by @manno in #1431
  • Agent should only select Linux nodes by @manno in #1505
  • Also check chart with the helmRepoURLRegex by @raulcabello in #1341
  • Fix cluster targeting and missing customizations by @raulcabello in #1473

What's Changed

  • Add container security context to fleet-agent helm chart by @puffitos in #1293
  • Managed fleet-agent uses same securityContext as helm chart by @thardeck in #1314
  • Remove fleet-agent simulators by @manno in #1206
  • Remove flag to disable leaderElection for simulators by @raulcabello in #1426
  • Add Github action to release Fleet against Rancher by @thardeck in #1346
  • Change version number for nightly releases by @manno in #1367
  • Log regex compilation error in git repo restriction with patterns by @manno in #1383
  • Split Examples Tests from E2E Tests by @manno in #1397
  • Add nightly e2e workflow to test more k8s versions by @manno in #1518
  • Replace deprecated command in Github action with environment file by @jongwooo in #1500

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.6.0...v0.7.0


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