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A reference list of, mostly internal, configuration options.

Helm Charts

The Helm charts accept, at least, the options as shown with their default in values.yaml:

Environment Variables

The controllers can be started with these environment variables:

  • CATTLE_DEV_MODE - used to debug wrangler, not usable
  • FLEET_CLUSTER_ENQUEUE_DELAY - tune how often non-ready clusters are checked
  • FLEET_CPU_PPROF_PERIOD - used to turn on performance profiling


In cluster configuration for the agent and fleet manager. Changing these can lead to full re-deployments.

The config struct is used in both config maps:

  • cattle-fleet-system/fleet-agent
  • cattle-fleet-system/fleet-controller


Labels used by fleet:

  • - NodeSelector label for agent's deployment affinity setting
  • - managed agent bundle won't target Clusters with this label
  • - used on Bundle to reference the git repo resource
  • - used on BundleDeployment to reference the Bundle resource
  • - used on BundleDeployment to reference the Bundle resource
  • - cluster namespaces with this label will be cleaned up. Other resources will be cleaned up if it is in a label. Used in Rancher to identify fleet namespaces.
  • - unused
  •<shard-id> - The shard ID of a fleet controller pod.
  • - true if this is the controller managing resources without a shard reference label.
  •<shard-id> - references the Shard ID assigned by Fleet to resources, inherited from a GitRepo, which determines which Fleet controller deployment will reconcile them.
    • If this label is not provided or has an empty value, then the unsharded Fleet controller will process the resource.
    • If this label has a value which does not match any shard ID for which a Fleet controller is deployed, then the resource will not be processed.


Annotations used by fleet:

  •, - used on a cluster namespace to reference the cluster registration namespace and cluster name
  • - appears unused

Fleet agent configuration

Tolerations, affinity and resources can be customized for the Fleet agent. These fields can be provided when creating a Cluster, see Registering Downstream Cluster for more info on how to create Clusters. Default configuration will be used if these fields are not provided.

If you change the resources limits, make sure the limits allow the fleet-agent to work normally.

Keep in mind that if you downgrade Fleet to a previous version than v0.7.0 Fleet will fallback to the built-in defaults. Agents will redeploy if they had custom affinity. If Fleet version number does not change, redeployment might not be immediate.